The WID, the most important fair for dental products and knowledge transfer, takes place for the 14th time at the Messe fairgrounds in Vienna.


As an exhibitor you have again the opportunity to present a speech and therefore the chance to comment your products and services more intensively.



WID is Austria’s largest forum for dental product presentations and knowledge transfer. More than 4,000 visitors will join the WID 2021.



Under this heading we offer our visitors as well as our media partners a pictorial insight into the former dental exhibitions. We give you an impression about the lively..

Dear exhibitor,

We were target-oriented for the event date of WID 2021 which was postponed to the beginning of summer and over 60 exhibitors registered so far for the event. Since the incidence in Vienna significantly exceeds the planned value of 50 and there is no short-term reduction in sight, we had to decide to cancel the WID in order to give you the possibility of serious planning. This decision was not an easy one for the board of the Austrian Dental Association (Österreichischer Dentalverband) but it is based on information that makes it unlikely that the WID will be carried out successfully for exhibitors and visitors.

  • At April 5, 233 intensive care beds were occupied in Vienna hospitals which were 71 more than the peak in November 2020. The peak has not been reached by expert testimony.
  • All events are currently prohibited and it is expected that the lock down will last until the end of April / beginning of May.
  • An event-relevant ordinance is expected at the end of May / June which means that guidelines regarding entry limits etc. will only be available at this point in time.
  • In advisory circles, it is expected that events will only be allowed from September / October on.

All these facts and information mean that we have to cancel the WID 2021 from the point of view of necessary serious planning.

Best regards
Wolfgang Fraundörfer
General Secretary

Vienna, April 8, 2021

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